We like to think that Phoebe’s Restaurant is more than just a restaurant, it's an experience.  We want you to not only enjoy your visit,  but we would like you to remember it too! That’s why we offer many different souvenir items. We offer hats ($10), beanies ($12), travel mugs ($12), adult short sleeved t-shirts ($15), long sleeve shirts ($20), wine keys ($5), toddler long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts ($12), and even baby bibs ($8) and onesies ($12).  We want you to be able to share the memories from your experience at Phoebe’s Restaurant with all of your friends and family. Perfect gifts for your SU student!

Phoebes Restaurant & Coffee Lounge T-shirtPhoebes Restaurant & Coffee Lounge Bibcallan in onesie smallPhoebes Restaurant Hat

Travel Mug

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