Angie Knox, General Manager

Raised in a family of restaurant owners, Angie is well versed in the business. One might even say, "the business is in her blood!" 

Her grandparents own and operate a restaurant Maryland, where she grew up. Angie was actively involved in the business since a young age, working in various roles from dishwasher, to food prep, and eventually settling in the front of the house as a server and host. Then and now, her parents have been her inspiration to work hard and take pride in what she does. Because of her dedication, strong work ethic, and affinity for interacting with customers, she is a natural coordinator.

Angie moved to Syracuse in 1998, and started working at Phoebe's as a server at the age of 19. Her passion for the business and experience in the restaurant industry allowed her to become head server after her first year, moving up to beverage manager shortly after, and lead to her promotion to general manager in 2004. Since then, Phoebe's has become her home away from home. The atmosphere and family quality at Phoebe's are the most enjoyable aspects for her.  The ability to meet our guest's needs, as well as to effectively customize and plan special events is what she enjoys most. Phoebe's is a place where Angie has been able to utilize her talents. Her attention to detail, remarkable aptitude for organization, and managerial finesse have contributed to the success of Phoebe's Restaurant. 


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Catherine ~ Server


Melissa ~ Server / Event Specialist


Jessica ~ Server


Morgan ~ Server


Lucinda ~ Server

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Emily ~ Bartender / Server

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George ~ Bartender 

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Carrie ~ Server


Eric ~ Bartender


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Derek ~ Cook